Thursday, 13 March 2014

AMO ZiL F-15

My first ZiL truck
ZiL F-15 truck featuring drive and steer and angled hood, cabin and roof, and unique fenders.

Posted ImagePosted ImageThis is my first version of ZIL  line of trucks I am building. In total there are 7 ZIL truck I made which are presented on this site.

It has PF battery box and receiver hidden beneath the flatbed, and two M motors for drive (1/9 reduction) and steer (same)

Design of the model was easy, building it was hard. Every angle required different attachment system, and building it on such small space was not easy. Especially when there are two motors under the hood, battery and receiver.

Back then, I liked studs all around the truck.
It has details like leaf springs (not working), side steps, and radiator cap.
This truck, as first attempt, is ok, but my appetites had grown since then, and later on I attempted second, improved version, with more smooth look.