Saturday, 15 March 2014

RC Helicopter

100% LEGO parts and sounds.
Custom stickers applied

Motorized model of RC Helicopter.
Very light and small. My first full studless build.

I was always fascinated by RC (radio/remote controlled) scale models, mainly with dirt cars and trucks and machinery, but when I was young, I also loved RC Helicopters.
Back then I never understood anything about them, just that they are cool and well designed.

Later I experimented with LEGO Town Fire Helicopter, I made it big, but never motorized.

So, I was browsing some RC stuff, and I saw this:

Brilliantly designed RC helicopter model, with two Strife motors and two main rotors, and with unusual back rotor, pointing upward.

I immediately started building it in my head, and in few minutes, I had rough sketch. 

The only thing that troubled me was the cabin. First I wanted it to be brick built, but later I remembered that there is quite nice LEGO Aircraft Fuselage, part 54092c01:

Which is actually quite fitting to the theme. Only thing did not match is the color of the cabin. It was white, and I wanted to be dark red with black large windows.
So, I made a few stickers on my PC, print them and carefully apply them on the part 54092c01.
It turn out better than I hoped for.
It looked very close to the original, and I did not use any non-LEGO parts.

 For the chassis, I use exclusively studless beams, first time ever!
And the experience was very good. It is very different from building with studded bricks.
I wanted to make chassis as light as possible and to have as low part-count as possible. I think I did it.
The chassis is very strong and it contains XL motor (partly hidden in cabin), central gearbox, that transmit power to four different ways, and PF receiver.

Tail was made with axles, grey axles are use for tail itself, while single 32 lack axle is used as driveshaft for powering tail blades.
Tail is slightly angled, like on real RC Heli.

Side Strife blades I made from LEGO dark red rims, and as blade protectors, I used black dish 6 webbed. They are motorized.

Battery box is hidden in the cabin, and ll the wires are transmitted out of sight.
All the gears are side frame, protected and locked by chassis beams.

Main rotor blades are 60 studs in length, and are partly covered with sticker. I made the sticker from white paper,  myst-sprayed with black can-paint.

Free instructions download: