Saturday, 8 March 2014

Terminator 5 Training

This is a Terminator's physical preparations for highly anticipated new movie, Terminator 5, staring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This preparations consist of series of exercises performed in his custom Gym.
As you know, in every Terminator movie our T-800 took significant damage, and here i have portrayed him as he has lost nearly all of his skin and flesh, leaving his exoskeleton mostly naked, with all motors, cylinders and wires visible, also, his legs were damaged many times, and are now replaced with superior Skynet-edition all-terrain tracks.

1. T-800
Main model.

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With chromed teeth and famous cigar, powered by 7.2V power plant core and heavy duty rams fed by 7 motors, this aged actor and star is
capable of performing various exercises, with exercise machines, barbells and dumbbells, as well as just stretching before and after training.
It has 7 motors, fake and real pneumatic cylinders and actuators, 4 receivers and 6 turntables.
Main section is 2-part frame built to be simple and strong.
Every exercise shown in the video is done without any help. Just his own power and strength.

T800 can do:

1. bicep curls w barbell
2. bicep curls w dumbbell
3. front shoulder
4. back shoulder
5. triceps extension w barbell
6. triceps extension w dumbbell
7. pushup
8. pull up
9. biceps chain
10. triceps chain
11. abs hanging
12. back extension
13. pull down cable from seated position (lats)
14. bench press
13. military press
16. inclined bench press
17. declined bench press
18. dead lifts
19. rows
20. treadmill running (driving)

2. Pull up machine, with cable rack
Workout machine

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Nearly 65cm high, this machine is the main equipment for T800 training routine.
It helped him to develop his wide back, biceps and shoulders
It consist mainly of large bricks and plates (1x14, 1x16 bricks and technic bricks, 4x12, 4x10 plates)
It is strong enough to support his massive size and weight, without any bending or cracking-it was designed to be bend-proof when vertical stress is applied.
Painted in yellow/black, with red cushions

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3. Bench press (adjustable), with additional weights
Workout machine

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with its wide selection of weighs, this machine built most of the t800's chest, triceps and shoulders.
It provide firm base for inclined, flat, declined bench press and military press.
It can support T-800's weight in different positions and it is extremely stable.
Painted in yellow/black, with red cushions

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