Friday, 14 March 2014

ZIS 5 (Cargo)

My best ZIS so far.
With motors and sound unit, it can ride and make engine noise!


The ZIS-5 (Russian: ЗиС-5) was a 4x2 Soviet truck produced by Moscow ZIS factory from October 1933 on.
It was an almost identical copy of the American Autocar Dispatch Model SA truck.
Serial production of the new truck started on October 1, 1933. The truck was an instant success and, which together with GAZ-AA, became the main Soviet truck of 1930-50's. It also evolved into the workhorse of the Soviet armed forces: at the beginning of Operation Barbarossa the Red Army could line up 104,200 of those trucks.

LEGO Model:

This is 1:13 Scale model, made very accurately from ZIS 5 blueprints.

Scale was determined with the tires. I use big 24x43 tires, and scale down the rest of the model accordingly.
The real truck is a nightmare regarding angles...they are everywhere. The cabin has angles in three planes. Fenders are rounded, boom is sloped and angled, doors and angled...and at top of that, the whole cabin is built in uneven number of studs in width and has a good portion built in SNOT.


Drive via XL Motor 1:1.6
Steer with Servo Motor 1:1
Sound Unit via XL Motor 1:1

Suspension and Axles:

Authentic Leaf Spring suspension, with attachment points mounted exactly like the real truck. 

I tried approx 10 different systems for making leaf suspension on this model, and this one is by far the best.
Due to heavy weight of the truck, I had to reinforce the leafs by one shock absorber per leaf, but they are somewhat hidden.
It is pretty soft ride, due to heavy weight of the model
It is real pleasure to watch the suspension working. It is visible in the video, too.
Probably my best suspension ever.

Front axle has Trial Truck quality and since I tested and filmed the model outside on the dirt and uneasy terrain, it needs it!
Back axle is also very strong, almost unbreakable.
I made two versions of back axle, one for light purpose (with differential), and other or extreme use, like intensive playing inside and outside with obstacles (no differential, just back left axle powered)
I tested it: moved the truck into the wall, and power ed the motor...double tires on powered axle drifted in place.
95%  black


Most of it made in SNOT, AND in uneven number of studs, AND angled in three axis.
Still strong enough to withstand pressing it to test suspension on both axles to its limits.
Black and red

Cargo Bed:

34x24 studs.
Made from plates and tiles.  Not a single stud is visible
Since this is 1938 model, only the tail gate can be opened.
It is modeled to be as close as original. So I made sections thicker,some thinner, and underside are eight curved  support beams.
It can take pretty much load, leafs has a lot of travel.
Entirely red.


"H" shaped box running all the length of the model.
As on real one, it is intentionally flexible which is usable on rough terrain, and reinforced at the back, with additional layer of beams. (real one used wood beams)
Entirely black


I used ZIS 5 PDF blueprints and tried to made exact copy of it.
I even tried to make all the angles like on real truck on cabin, hood, roof...
The real truck is inclined forward when unloaded. I made the model the same (had to rearrange the suspension a few times, but it was worth it.
Real truck has back axle stronger by 30% than front one, I made the back axle stronger by cca 20% than front one.
Steering angle is around 40 degrees, like the real truck has.
I managed to keep the detailed fake 73HP engine under the hood, together with chrome exhaust, and to mount bulky Servo beneath it.
But cabin had to become storage unit for receivers and battery box.

Sound Unit:

This model can make sounds when accelerating and decelerating (3 different sounds) and calm "Wroom" when on idle.
As the ZIS 5 has PTO on some models, i decided to use that feature and install the sound module where the additional tank would be-at the very back, beneath the chassis, and use the PTO's drive-shaft to work it.
Results are great.

Field test:

As you can see in the video, the model drives and steers really well. Considering it is uneasy terrain, and not nice carpet, it performs beyond my expectation.
New axles are really strong.  First axle design proved to be too weak and collapsed on outside testing.
For the outside, I used no-diff axle, to prevent braking the central bevel gear (i broke one testing the model outside)
It drives well, and when it is stuck, no matter where, it drift back double tires.
Steering never failed, and Servo has enough power to steer the wheels anywhere (on test)

Room test:

Nice carpet and back axle with diff equals excellent driving experience.
I did not try any silly stuff with it, most hardest thing was crossing over the slippers, and it did it with ease.
It can't stuck easily, since suspension forces both back tires to the ground.


Since I made it with Sound Unit, I wanted it to accelerate and decelerate gradually to make different engine sounds. So I had to use 8878 Speed remote controller AND regular controller, since 8878 does not work well with Servo (too slow and unresponsive),
Therefore, model has two receivers, hidden in the cabin, protruding on the back window, behind the protective bars.


There are more than 20 different variants of this truck. I am presenting just Cargo version and tractor version. Later I will add Halftruck.


My best ZIS, and finally successful mix between very realistic look (angles, SNOT, slopes) and functions (stiff and strong suspension, drivetrain and axles)
This is not a close to a trial truck, but i am very please of its performance.