Thursday, 1 May 2014

RTV Rapid Tracked Vehicle

Hi-Speed, ultra light and agile tracked vehicle.
Featuring two XLs Motor for propulsion and tracks with awesome grip!

I searched for tracked vehicle that is light and agile, as a relaxation MOC, in a middle of big projects.
I found this:

It is a project from Roberto Rodricks, a fast and all terrain vehicle that can be used as a racer, a military vehicle or as a emergency vehicle.

I liked how futuristic it looks and that it does not have any unnecessary parts. Just cabin, and tracks.

I based my model on this and tried to make it a s close as possible.

 It had to be very light, so I made strong, but flexible chassis, so I don't have to mount shock absorbers.
Chassis is U shaped, and it contains as little parts as it was possible. Everything is build with liftarms, and just a few bricks.

Motors was placed to the front. So all the weight is at front, so it can climb. I guess more than 85% of the wight is on the front. It has great climbing capabilities
Tracks are made of lots of rubber connectors, and are driven with total of four black 36 double bevel gears.

Receiver is placed at the back, so it has good visibility.

Cabin is from Town theme, from airplane. I just used front and back section, without the middle part.
It is sturdy and light. And it looks cool!
Cabin is mounted onto the chassis with long liftarms, which are mounted in a way that are flexible, so they act as absorbers when vehicle jumps and falls.

Battery is hidden inside the cabin. And it has really easy access, in a 3 seconds.

Off road capabilities are excellent!
It can climb over various obstacles, and go through grass and dirt with ease, thanks to 2 XL Monsters.

It is very hard for vehicle to tap over, because the cabin is designed to hit the floor when the vehicle is tilted to much, both at front and back.

Take a look at the video: