Sunday, 29 November 2015

Mercedes Benz Truck of the Future

This is my entry for new LEGO® Technic Building Competition

                                                                   LEGO® Technic Building Competition:

My entry got the runner-up position and won me the  
42043 - Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 set.

Since this is a competition where you should present your vision of the Mercedes Truck of the year 2045, I concentrated on building just that. This model does not have any motors in it.

My vision looked like this:

- driver-less,
- powered by electricity,
- has one motor in every wheel,
- can steer and drive in all directions, even sideways,
- built from modules, each one is self contained,
- guided by GPS or remote control.
- Bendable tires without suspension

Main module is Base Unit. It is a self contained axle, with battery, motors and Gyroscope-like system. Each wheel is driven and steered in any direction, it can steer and drive even sideways, for zero turning radius.

Usually only two Base Units are needed for one Container, each at the very end of the container. If cargo is heavier, three or more Units can be set. No matter where they are placed on the Container, the Container can always be moved straight, diagonal, sideways and turn on the spot.
If the Container is being moved just with Base Units (without Cabin), they never occupy more space than the Container itself, as they are under it.

Additional module is Crew Cabin module, for transporting crew or tools, if needed, and to provide aerodynamic cover for a Container (on long distance duties).
Crew Cabin requires one Base Unit.

                                                                                            More pictures: