Saturday, 12 March 2016

1:13 Liebherr LTC 1045-3.1 Mobile Crane

Real crane:

The Liebherr LTC 1045-3.1 is a three axle crane with a maximum capacity of 45 tonnes.  The telescopic boom can reach 36m and the fly jib can be configured up to 13m long.  A feature of the crane is the single dual-purpose cab which is used in both traveling and crane modes.

LEGO Model:

Scale: 1:13
Weight: 10kg
Length: 90cm


Main functions carrier:
  • All Wheel Drive
  • All Wheel Steer
  • All Wheel Suspended
  • All Axles Lockable
  • 4 Steering Modes
  • Active Suspension, Adjustable via 12 small pneumatic cylinders, can lift and lower the whole crane 1cm
  • Durable Live Axles
  • Separated Outriggers, each box individually controlled
Main functions superstructure
  • 3 sections boom, manually extendable
  • Very strong main lifting cylinder, oval form
  • Winch
  • Rotating superstructure mounted on a wide one piece base, 3 rollers installed for smooth rotation
  • Cabin can be lifted via second cylinder
  • Cabin can be extended via third cylinder
  • Cabin can tilt, manually
Other features:
  • Cabin door has extendable path
  • Cabin door can really slide open and close
  • Cabin instruments are printed scans from real machine
  • Front tool box - bumper section is removable, to shorten turning circle
  • Lots of little doors and storage compartments
  • Additional lattice boom is also present
  • Brick Built Wheels and Tires, each has 200 parts
  • Trial Truck grade axles
  • Each wheel has turntable bearings

This model is deigned in 1:13 scale, and will be around 85 cm long when finished, and maybe 2m high with all the sections extended and fly-jibs mounted.

One of the cool features in this model is single cab, something similar to LYNX concept crane.
During the driving, cab is pushed forward and act like a carrier cab, and while it is in operating mode, it goes back to traditional position, or even better, can be lifted up to 8 meters in the air, and be tilted.

Picture of 1:1 model on paper. MInifig is there for scale comparison, and brick-built man is built in 1:13 scale, and therefore, he fits the scale of the crane.

Mentioned removable toolbox (section with steps, just before outrigger box)
This section is 95% made in SNOT and to be easily removable, for the crane to have even smaller turning circle.
It has openable doors for timber plates and chains.


 And comparison with 62.4m wheels
Each wheel+tire has around 250 parts,
Contains turntable as a load bearing connection between wheel and axle, so wheel wont bend inside by the crane's weight, and drive axle can spin freely.
It can also be upgraded with hub reduction, which i did not use for this crane (real one does not have it either).
Very strongly connected to the axle.
Pivot point is inside of the tire. Tires inner edge covers it.
Very robust and resist on vertical load.


Around 60cm long, still without front bumper and back engine cover.
It has 3 technic brick layers and 7 plate layers in height and is extremely strong. Fat section in the middle is the massive turntable location. At the very ends are the outrigger boxes.

Adjustable pneumatic-shock suspension:

This  model is, as the real machine equiped with active suspension. It means that it has pneumatic suspension, so very comfy ride, together with mechanical shock absorbers. Best part is, model has, again like the real one, adjustable suspension via 12 small pneumatic cylinders, operated manually. That way the whole crane can sit very low, or very high from the ground, with 1cm difference between these two. Additional feature is the when fully lowered, suspension is locked.

Rolling chassis:

 Superstructure with motors:

It is one of the best cabins I have ever done. It hides a detailed interior and motorized mechanism for tilting a whole cabin when it is extended and raised. I will post a video in a day or two to show you that, and one few more nice features of this cabin.

 Finished model: