Welcome to my website!

Here I would like to show one of my hobbies: planning and building realistic LEGO Scale models of construction machinery, trucks and cranes. 

I'm 30 years old. This hobby started when I was 4 years old and when I was presented with a 555 set. Several sets later I got a 715 set and it has shaped my type of building. I don't buy sets any more, only parts from Bricklink for current model in progress.

My main guidelines are: 
  • Accurate representation of the models, based on blueprints of the real vehicles.
  • Realistic functions 
  • Stiff and durable, smooth construction, 
I will present models constructed in two scales, minifig and large-scale.
I build only Model-Team, Technic and City theme.
I use only LEGO parts, and never modify them in any way.

Few times I went to Events where I showed my models and met some fellow LEGO builders.

For all questions, remarks or advice you can always Contact me.
Hope you will enjoy this site!

You can follow me building step by step on my Facebook Page.

- Milan